The West Cornwall Township Municipal Authority (WCTMA) was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on September 10, 1990 by the West Cornwall Township Supervisors. WCTMA is delegated as the responsible agency to construct, operate, manage, and administer the sanitary sewer collection within the boundaries of West Cornwall Township, Lebanon County, PA.    Presently, there are three separate “sewer districts” which provide sewer service to the Village of Quentin, the Village of Stoberdale, and the Mine Road / Butler Road area of the Township. WCTMA serves approximately 500 sewer customers and has an annual operating budget of approximately $300,000.

In 2021, the West Cornwall Township Supervisors expanded the role of the WCTMA to include ownership and operation of the public water system serving the village of Quentin.   The private, stock holder owned Quentin Water Company negotiated the sale of its public water supply system to the WCTMA at a price of $1.0 million.  The WCTMA secured a 20 year, 2.25% interest rate loan from Peoples Security Bank and Trust company.  The transaction is scheduled to be completed in calendar year 2022. 

The water system serves approximately 345 customers primarily located in a condensed geographic area centered in the village of Quentin.  Several of the commercial customers are large volume water users.  The draft water budget, which is linked below, is based upon an assumption of 400 equivalent dwelling units (EDUs), reflecting the fact that the larger consumers will be billed as multiple EDUs. 

WCTMA Articles of Incorporation


WCTMA purchase of QWC DRAFT 8-18-2022

Township Resolution 2022-8-24 – supporting WCTMA purchase of QWC

WCTMA Water Budget 2023 – 02-07-23 DRAFT